Paint By Number
This concept is kitschy and nostalgic. I love it! Older siblings remember my Grandpa Hubert painting them, including ‘The Last Supper’. My sister has a whole wall of PbN bird paintings in her home. My father-in-law did PbN on his graveyard shifts at a remote power plant in the Sierras in the early 60s.
 Over 12 million kits were sold in 1952. With the proliferation of timesaving appliances, people were free to discover their creative side. PbN enjoyed a recent resurgence due to COVID, providing a stress-reducing activity for all kinds of folks.
For this bowl, I collected images from the interwebs. I added Sleeping Lady to the mountain backdrop for a local feel. It was fun to compartmentalize the colors. Part of the bowl is left unpainted with numbered outlined areas. Those cute little paint pots, hooked together, are on the outside of the bowl. And, as always included with every PbN kit, a paintbrush.
Don't cut these paintpots apart like I did the first time I attempted
 a PbN, you'll be sorry!

 What a wondrous place! Every floor, wall, ceiling, nook and cranny is designed and decorated. This design is from a photo I took of an entryway floor. It takes every imperfect piece to come together in harmony. Which reminds me of the communities we live and work in. We are each an imperfect tesserae, but together we build something beautiful.

A circle window cut into a cereal box helped me find the design for my bowl. The fuzzy finger in lower right was no help at all.

Napeequa Crossing

These brave Chinook salmon just never give up. Their crimson red and olive green is striking against the turquoise water of the White River. They awe and inspire.

Bowl of Cherries

'Life is like a Bowl of Cherries,' indeed. My love for pattern and imperfection cooperate and look a lot like quilting fabric. Which I also love.

Grizzly Hut

The night at Grizzly Hut Cabin above Winthrop was 9 degrees below zero. Crisp and clear, but cozy inside. We stoked the fire before bed and woke up in a sweat! A venture to the outhouse took care of that. Isn't life all about finding balance? The 'flannel' bowl is in honor of my nephew, Nick.

Let it Snow!

 Meant to brighten an otherwise dismal snow year, I used the 'sgraffito' method to carve out the snowflakes on this bowl. I called it 'scritching' for the sound it made. My sister, Criss, joined me to paint and chitchat.

Grand Canyon

The center of this bowl provides a perfect vanishing point to draw you in and keep you moving forward. Just like the Colorado River. Each mile a new adventure.

My Favorite Doodle

Swirls of roses and leaves all around. You can find this doodle everywhere I've been; on sketch pads, newspapers, and in margins of notebooks and journals. 

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