Barnyard Bags
Keeping chickens is a great way to recycle kitchen scraps into healthy food - eggs! They also need feed, which comes in large plasticized bags that are impossible for me to throw away. I have developed a way to make a hearty tote bag where the hens get to talk and the fabric liner supports their message. Even the zipper pull gets into it. The bags stand up nicely without falling over, are machine washable, and are goofy enough to be stylish. 

Everyone has a cause, including this red hen. 

The zipper-pull is a thermometer.

Who doesn't like a donut? What the Cluck??

This zipper-pull has sprinkles!

Doll Furniture
Furniture with a Dairy Queen curly-Q on top. Why not? Using only stuff from my resource piles (random stuff saved to re-purpose) and water bottles, this chair and couch happened. 

Regular cardboard, a cereal box, and water bottles. The goal was 'whimsical,' so shape mattered.

Some hot glue and duct tape will hold these bones together for upholstering. Foam is easy to shape with snips using scissors. My plastic water bottle count for the year is currently at zero. I plan to keep it that way, so I'd have to dumpster dive to make more of these. 

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