Icicle River Trail, Leavenworth, 2015

The place I live is so beautiful. Do you know the bench I sat on while enjoying this view?

Copacabana, Bolivia, 2016

A day of rest to enjoy this view from our little Hobbit House on the hill.  A wonderful breakfast from fresh bread, eggs and veggies from the market. It rained off and on all day, enabling naps and opportuities to add detail to this watercolor.

Copacabana, Bolivia, 2016

A walk up to a hillside cemetery where loved ones are closer to heaven. A painting on a restaurant wall. Little happenings add up. 

Templo de la Compania de Jesus

Cusco, Peru, 2016

Sitting on a plaza step, this church facade was more detailed than I could capture. I thought if I got half of it, I could finish the other side later. Now I think not.

Grizzly Hut, Winthrop, 2017

Cold air, gummy snow. A good time for journal art.

Grand Canyon, 2011

While on a particularly slow stretch of the Colorado River I could study cacti from my raft through my binoculars. Details about them would come later from the experts around the evening campfire.

Cetera, Italy 2019

This tiny fishing village specializes in 'Colatura di Alici' (anchovy sauce). It is a flavorful elixir we didn't know we loved until we tried it at an outdoor cafe'. We walked all of Cetera, from the castled beach through the shops and hidden bakeries, through the lemon trees to the  cemetery on the ridge above and back. One beach had tile shards, multi colored, some with designs still on them, their sides worn smooth in the surf.

Shaw Island, Washington, 2015

At a writing retreat, a cow's spine reminded me of life drawing classes. Follow the skeleton to capture the pose. Lucky for me, this model held perfectly still. 

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